How to Connect Galaxy Buds to iPhone 13?

Are you already done with the songs you listen to alone on speaker? Now no more worries. Even better, galaxy buds pro iOS updates your listening skills as well. Any earbuds are easy to carry while traveling, but galaxy earbuds are also easy to purchase.

Nonetheless, you have an option of AirPods but you should know the difference between them. Here we will clear out how to connect galaxy earbuds to iPhone 13.

Also, it has loads of features for better sound and a streamlined design with built-in microphones. So many features in this little package. No? Another advantage of the galaxy buds is less expensive than AirPods. 

How To Pair Your Galaxy Earbuds In iPhone 13?

Before knowing how to connect galaxy earbuds to iPhone 13, you should well know to pair your earbuds with your iPhone. Here you go.

Simply open the charging case and then close it. Your earbuds will indicate to you about the charging. If it is not charged then charge it. Also, if your iPhone has been paired with some other earbuds or AirPods, reset them first. 

Furthermore, open the Bluetooth after resetting another one. Then go to your mobile’s menu and press the pair button. Moreover, now you will see the list of the devices then select your galaxy buds pro-iPhone 13

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To iPhone 13?

Still, wondering how to connect galaxy buds to iPhone 13? We will be covering the easy way to join them. First of all, make sure you have your earbuds er your iPhone. Then follow the steps

  • After pairing open the settings and open the Bluetooth
  • Then choose the devices you have paired
  • Select the model name and here you go and now you can listen to your favorite songs. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Can’t I Connect My Galaxy Buds To My iPhone?

If you won’t able to connect your earbuds to your iPhone 13 then you need to check the pairing option. If you have paired your buds with other devices then reset them. Then place the earbuds in your ears and hold them for a few seconds. Now you can connect your earbuds to your iPhone manually. 

Can I Use Samsung Galaxy Buds With iPhone?

Yes, you can use them for sure. You need to do is follow the instruction we have mentioned above about the galaxy buds pro-iPhone 13 connection. Enable all the settings then you listen to the music. 

How Do I Reset My Galaxy Buds?

You can easily reset your earbuds to pair them with a new one. Put your earbuds in the charging case. Make sure to keep open the case lid near your phone. Then select your earbuds model name then select the reset option on your phone. 

Why Won’t My Galaxy Buds Go Into Pairing Mode?

This happens in these cases. Because sometimes your earbuds have been connected to your other devices. Insert your earbuds into your ears and try to connect them again with the same procedure. 

How Do You Sync Earbuds?

For synchronizing your earbuds you need to follow these steps

  • Open settings in the menu
  • Press connections
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Tap on the scan option on your screen
  • Then keep pressing the power button on the earbuds
  • Lastly, tap on them and your earbuds are synced now. 


I hope by the end of this article you will know how to connect galaxy buds to iPhone 13. We make sure to mention each and everything we have tested before. Etting a galaxy bud is a good option.

Because it will save you money as well as that it has a nice feature that will give you a smooth voice. Samsung galaxy buds pro iPhone has a great combination because these both models are in the lead in this era. Must try!

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