How To Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To Pc

Are you worried about how to connect two Bluetooth simultaneously? Nowadays, most PCs, particularly laptops, allow you to connect directly to any Bluetooth wireless device without problems. 

You can use two Bluetooth headphones at the same time on your computer using a variety of workarounds. It’s not always easy to use two headphones with a single PC. It might be unpleasant when you want to share music or a video with someone else. But discover that it’s not as easy as plugging in two headphones.

The majority of laptops have one headphone jack to start. But this article explains how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to pc.

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones to Pc?

You must follow these instructions precisely to connect two Bluetooth headphones to a single PC.

Step 1: Install The Virtual Audio Cable Program

Get the Virtual Audio Cable program and install it. Get the no-cost lite edition. After downloading, unpack the zip file to the desired folder. Run the setup file after that. Recall acting in Administrator mode.

Step 2: Set Up The File

Return to where you extracted the setup files after installation. Find the x64 folder. You’ll see a file with the name audio repeater. Drag the file to your desktop.

Step 3: Access The Sound Settings

Now access your Sound Settings and type Control Panel into the Start search box. Go to Hardware and Sound in Control Panel after opening it. Select Sound. Locate Line 1 in the Playback tab by scrolling down. Make it the default gadget. Likewise, handle the Recording Tab, then select Ok.

Step 4: Visit The Desktop

After that, visit the desktop. Right-click the audio repeater file and select Run as Administrator to open it twice. There will be two instances of Audio Repeater as a result. Choose Microsoft Sound Mapper under Wave In in the first instance. Choose Line 1 Virtual Audio Cable in the Wave In the field on the second occurrence.

Step 5: Choose The Device

Choose your Bluetooth devices from the Wave Out menu in both instances. Next, select the Start buttons. You’ve successfully set up two Bluetooth headphones on your laptop if you can see the queue bars moving. Now, you can use different headphones to listen to music and movies simultaneously.

How To Use Two Bluetooth Headphones simultaneously Using a Transmitter Adapter?

You can use USB Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapters; connect multiple headphones to pc and proceed as instructed below:

  • Usually, when you plug in an adaptor, it turns on.
  • Launch the Bluetooth pairing mode on the adaptor using the manual guide.
  • Use the headphones manual guide to turn on Bluetooth pairing for the first set of headphones.
  • Allow them to connect. You should test it out as soon as you’re bound to see whether you can hear anything through the headphones.
  • If you can’t hear it, don’t forget to select the Adapter as the default audio output device in your options menu.
  • Repeat Step 2 to put the Adapter back into pairing mode when it works.
  • Switch the Bluetooth pairing mode on your second set of headphones. 
  • Audio should be audible simultaneously through both headphones as soon as they are linked.

How To Connect Two Headphones To A Pc With A Headphone Splitter

It is the simplest way to connect two sets of headphones to a single PC. 

  • You will need a headphone splitter to start.
  • Connect your two pairs of headphones to the splitter’s two outputs by plugging them into the 3.5mm audio jacks. That’s all!

How To Connect Two Headphones To A Pc With Software?

I advise making use of Voicemeeter, which is free software, for this. Use the advance installing option when downloading and installing it. To prevent the installation of any software that you might not need.

After installation, run the software. Remember that only while the program is running will you be able to play sound through two different headsets. It shouldn’t be a major issue because it doesn’t consume many resources to run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Many Bluetooth Devices Can You Connect To a PC?

A host device is a gadget that offers a user interface for connecting to a Bluetooth network. It can accommodate a maximum of seven devices running at once.

Can Two Bluetooth Speakers Pair At Once?

You might be able to connect to two Bluetooth speakers at once, depending on your hardware.


I highly advise using the headphone splitter if you’re using wired headphones or purchasing a Bluetooth adapter if you use wireless ones to prevent any headaches. Both are affordable and undoubtedly useful.

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