How To Fix Earphones One Side Not Working?

Some people view earphones as a gift from god in an increasingly noisy world. When working, listening to your favorite music can help you shut out background noise. Sometimes you just want to watch a movie without being concerned about interruptions. 

A broken earphone might ruin your day because of this. If your product is still covered by warranty, you can return it for service. Most people go to a store immediately to buy new earphones. But there’s always a chance the issue can resolve.

In this article, I’ll explain how to fix earphones one side not working.

How To Fix One Side Of Earphones Not Working? (6 Quick Ways)

Having faulty earphones might be frustrating when trying to listen to something. But depending on the issue, fixing them may only take a few minutes and cost little money. 

Try twisting and taping the cord to restore sound if a single earphone periodically loses sound. You can use these methods on earphones one side not working:

  1. Examine The Earphones For Damaged Wires
  2. Twist The Cord
  3. Fix Earphones by Taping Them
  4. Restart The Device
  5. Clean The Headphones Jack
  6. Test The Headphones With A Different Pair

Method 1: Examine The Earphones For Damaged Wires

If your earphones only work on one side, the cable inside may be broken or damaged. You should know the root reason before asking how to fix earphone wires.

Some people pull off the earphones of the handset Instead of gently removing the cord from the plastic base. It can eventually result in frayed or disconnected wires or deformed earphone plugs.

The broken wire might be close to the cord or the plastic base. You could tape it together as previously described if the damage is to the area around the cord, and you can pinpoint the precise location.

When you temporarily hold down the plug or apply pressure there, the music will start playing in both earphones if it has damage around the plastic base. You need to see a technician to fix this because the process is somewhat laborious.

Method 2: Twist The Cord

The cord should be bent, straightened, and adjusted to fit around the damaged area. As the cables’ severed ends rub against one another, you can hear music playing once more as you proceed. Hold the cord steady once it is in the position that enables the earphones to work properly.

Slowly twist the cable, so you can stop it as soon as it is in the correct position for use. Less frequently, the broken wires will be closer to the cord’s center. If you locate the disconnect, make sure to test the entire length of the cord.

Method 3: Fix Earphones by Taping Them

Use your free hand to wrap a stiff piece of electrical or duct tape around the area where the short is while maintaining pressure on the cord with one hand. The tape compresses the sheath around the wires, preserving their connection. You should be able to use your earphones as long as you don’t remove the tape.

If you can, fold the cord in half at the short and tape it together where it kinks. It won’t be able to move around as much as a result.

Method 4: Restart The Device

Restarting your smartphone or computer will solve the problem if your headphones cease working on one side after a software or audio app update. This straightforward action frequently solves the problem.

However, you can proceed to the following step if restarting the audio source does not resolve the problem.

Method 5: Clean The Headphone Jack

A debris in your headphone port could prevent your earphones from functioning properly. You know how sometimes you forget your phone in your purse or pocket when you’re somewhere dusty? The issue is that debris can get into the headphone port and stop one or both ears from working correctly.

The headphone jack can clean in a variety of ways:

To get rid of the dirt, spray the port with compressed air four or five times if you have access to one. It won’t likely harm your headphone jack, but it might make it difficult to get rid of debris that has amassed in the corners.

A cotton swab is an additional option. If you want to utilize this method, ensure the buds are not fluffy to prevent cotton from getting stuck in the earphone jacks. When you are certain that the cotton swab is securely in place, carefully push it in until it meets the end and then slowly rotate it to brush the earphone jack’s sides. When the jack is taken off, the dirt will pour out. 

Some advice is to use cotton swabs that have been mildly dipped in alcohol. If you do this, carefully squeeze out the extra moisture to prevent it from getting sopping wet.

However, you should be aware that alcohol can corrode the metal in the earphone jack because it is made of metal. 

Method 6: Test The Headphones With A Different Pair

Check to see if you can hear audio coming from both sides by plugging in a different set of headphones to the device you typically use for audio. 

The problem is most likely with your headphones if you can hear audio on both channels through the other pair. If so, you can skip the next two sections and go straight to the ones that cover how to fix both wired and wireless headphones

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At the end of this article, you must get the answer of how to fix earphones one side not working. I have attempted every possible solution to fix this problem so most of the issues will resolve. Try to fix the issue as much as possible because it can help you save time, money, and effort.

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