How To Fix Muffled Sound On Headphones?

You can chill with a set of top-notch headphones and top-notch music. Clear sounds are desirable whether talking, playing a game, or listening to music. However, it can be frustrating to notice that your headphones seem muffled constantly.

Your headphone’s sound may muffle for various reasons, including problems with the Bluetooth or wire connectivity, defective wiring, dirt, debris clogging the speakers, water or moisture issues, mismatched software, and damaged speakers within. Here, I’ll cover all the muffling issues with headphones and how to fix muffled sound on headphones. 

Why Do Your Headphones Sound Muffled?

How To Fix Muffled Sound On Headphones

There are many causes for the muffled sound coming from your headset. However, you can figure out how to fix your headphones after doing that. You prefer to fix your pricey, high-quality headphones rather than buy new ones. These may be the reasons for muffled headphones:

  • Broken conductor
  • Water and a humid environment
  • Cleanliness clogs headphones
  • Faulty speakers
  • Connection difficulty
  • Sound stream issue

How To Fix Muffled Sound On headphones (5 Easy Ways)

Some issues cannot resolve, so you must purchase a new pair of headphones in certain circumstances. After that, let’s examine the solution:

1. Resolving Connection Problems

The connectivity problems are rather easy and clear to resolve. If you have wired headphones, all you need to do is double-check the connection and port. You can clean the jack with some isopropyl alcohol if your device’s port is malfunctioning. Make sure to switch off your device before you do that, and after cleaning, leave it off for about an hour.

Charge your Bluetooth headset first if you are experiencing Bluetooth connectivity troubles. Adjust the surroundings or location if that doesn’t resolve the issue. However, if the codec has problems, this issue cannot fix. You must swap out the current headphones for some new ones.

2. Repair of Water Damage

There are remedies you can try if water damages your headphones. Use a rag and some isopropyl alcohol for the first method. After that, keep your headphones there and store them in a box.

After 12 hours, you can remove your headphones from the rice, let them dry, and absorb all the water. It is a useful tip for water damage brought on by different electronic devices.

3. Fixing Broken Cables

Only damaged visible wires can fix. The headset is better off without repairs if the damage is inside. Therefore, you must use moldable glue if you can see the tear in the wires.

They have a sticky, rubbery texture that is similar to gum. Simply use moldable glue to patch up the damaged part of your headphone wire. Your issue will resolve if you let things air dry for a day.

4. Cleaning Up Mud And Debris

Even if you take good care of your headphones, dust and debris might accumulate inside the ear cups or speaker housing over time. It is frequent in humid areas; for instance, someone who lives near the ocean may experience it more frequently than others.

You only need to clean your headphones. Isopropyl alcohol can thoroughly clean your headphones, especially around the earbuds. That ought to resolve the issue with your headphone’s muffled noises.

5. Sound Settings

Try this method if headphones sound muffled Windows 10. Your computer’s sound can manually change in the default Windows installation. However, occasionally your personalization will hurt the computer’s audio.

For instance, the impacts of sound loudness and frequency intensity may unintentionally generate distortions when you modify the surround sound and the equalization.

As a result, consider turning off the sound enhancement settings in the following ways:

  1. Open sound settings can choose by clicking the speaker icon in the taskbar.
  2. Pick Device properties from the list of available options.
  3. Then click Turn off all sound effects under Advanced features.


At the end of this article, you must know how to fix muffled sound on headphones. After a while, the volume of your headphones may become diminished or muffled. Numerous factors, including moisture damage or debris, may be to blame. Then try the solutions I mentioned above according to your need.

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