How to Reduce Ear Pain from Headphones?

You can reduce ear pain from headphones by taking some simple and easy measures. The size of the headphones matters a lot. Make sure that the clamping is not too tight and that the headband has adequate cushioning. Keeping the volume low also helps a lot in reducing pain.

The more serious question than how to reduce ear pain from headphones is how to prevent it. But don’t worry as in this article I have explained everything that will keep the ear pain from headphones away from you.

10 Easy Tips for How to Reduce Ear Pain from Headphones? 

How to Reduce Ear Pain from HeadphonesWhether you wear headphones for work or just listen to music for prolonged hours, the pain is inevitable. This does not mean that you have to stop wearing headphones or switch to new ones.

Have a look at the tips below on how to reduce ear pain from headphones. These tips will help you make peace with your headphones. Even if you are about to buy a new one these tips will help you select the best headphones to avoid ear pain.

Tip 1: Stretch the Headphones

One of the main reasons behind ear pain due to headphones is the strong clamping. Some headphones may be too tight for your skull.

Strong clamping is a feature that helps the headphones remain on your head and prevents them from falling. But too tight clamping causes the worst earache. So, to avoid this problem you can do one of the following things:

  • If the headband of the headphones is of adjustable size, you are lucky. Just adjust the size as per your comfort. But what if it is not?
  •  Then option number two is to find a firm box or some other solid object and stretch your headphones on them for some time. This is the most useful hack to increase the size of the headphones to reduce ear pain.

Tip 2: Keep the Volume Low

Have you ever heard of listener fatigue? Well, it occurs due to prolonged exposure to the loud volume that causes strain on the eardrum.

A normal loudness that is comfortable for your ear is 60 decibels. Try to keep the volume of the headphones around it. But it is quite difficult to find the intensity of the headphones. So, what you can do is keep the volume at 60% of the maximum volume.

Tip 3: Use Noise Canceling Headphones

Another great way of avoiding listener fatigue is to invest in noise-canceling headphones. They prevent the outside voice from reaching the ear. So, no voice from the outside means you don’t have to increase the volume of the headphones.

Tip 4: Take Breaks

Try to take breaks from wearing headphones. A continuous loud voice focused directly into your ear is itself a cause of earache. So put off the headphones for some time and relax.

This also saves you from long-term noise-induced hearing loss. Try to take a break from wearing headphones after every 60 minutes at least. 

Tip 5: Head Padding Does Wonders

Does the top of your head hurt due to headphones? When you adjust the clamping of the headphones, the headband starts hurting. So, try to loosen the clamps.

Another great way is that you can buy headband padding. This forms a cushion between the top of your head and the headband. So not only would there be no pain but it would also relieve the pre-existing pain.

Tip 6: Add More Ear Cup Padding

Do your headphones hurt ear cartilage? The reason most probably is the inadequate ear cup padding. The shallow padding causes severe pain in the ear cartilage.

The solution to this problem is to add more ear cup padding. Now you can find the one from the same manufacturer your headphones are from or you can look into some other brands.

The ear cup paddings should be thick, breathable, and of high-quality material that lasts long. Make sure that the ear cup paddings are of the right size and shape that fits your headphones and also your ears.  

Tip 7: Avoid Allergic Materials

Some people are allergic to rubber or plastic. So maybe you would have contact dermatitis with the headphones that cause your ear to be red and itchy. So, make sure to clearly check the material of the headphones before buying.

Tip 8: Choose Lightweight Headphones

Heavy headphones are one of the most frequent causes of earache. People buy bulky headphones because of their robustness and aesthetics. But they will cause long-term earache and headaches.

So, it’s always recommended to buy lightweight headphones. If you are buying online then a weight of around 0.55 pounds is good enough.

Tip 9: Invest in Adjustable Headphones

Adjustable headphones are a big blessing. Go for headphones that have earcup rotation and headband adjustment capability. This way you can customize your headphones as per your face size.

Tip 10: Try Headphones Personally

Every human is different. All individual’s ears are as unique as their fingerprints. Every face size is different and so is the comfort level of every individual. So, I would recommend first trying your headphones on to see if they fit you perfectly.


So, I hope now you know how to reduce ear pain from headphones. This is the world of technology and you cannot avoid using these gadgets. But everything comes with a price.

Try to take care of some basic things like minimizing the time of headphone use and taking breaks in between. Lowering the volume also helps a lot in reducing and preventing pain. Also, make sure that the size of the headphones is according to your face.

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