How To Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To One Phone?

This feature is making everyone’s life easier. Many people have this query regarding how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to one phone. In general, this is not easy to connect multiple pairs with a single device.

But for a connection, you may need to have an adapter and transmitter or any additional hardware device. iPhone user and android user can share their headphone with their friends to listen to the same song in public areas. 

And for this iPhone users need to follow the step to connect their AirPods with close friends whereas android users need to connect via Bluetooth settings. Android introduces the dual feature to connect 2 Bluetooth headsets to one phone.

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones to One Phone in Androids?

We can connect via two Bluetooth headphones at once android to listen to our favorite music. Here’s the step-by-step guide for android users.

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth of the headphones and pair it with the connected device. 
If you’re using earbuds then open the lid of the case to activate it for pairing. And for Bluetooth headphones, you need to press the button for pairing. Its blinking light will indicate the status of the device pairing.
  1. Then go into your mobile setting and turn on the Bluetooth.
  2. Connect those two Bluetooth that you want by tapping on their device’s names.
  3. Then open the menu panel and turn on the media button. And check for the audio when you are connected.
  4. For confirmation, you need to check the tick marks in front of the names of the devices you have connected. And enjoy!

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones To One Phone in iPhones?

Worried about how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to one phone iPhone? Then no worries from now just follow these steps and listen to it every piece of music with your friends or loved ones.

iPhone is using a wide audio splitter to plug in two devices at a time. To make things easier iOS 13.2 updated a feature called share audio to allow different devices to at the same time. 

This feature comes with apple’s H1 OR W1 chip and this is available in apple AirPods and the latest beats device.

Let’s dive in step by step guide:

  1. Open your Bluetooth setting and pair it with both headphones. 
  2. After connecting it plays the audio or video.
  3. Open up the control center by swiping it down from your screen.
  4. Tap on the music option to see the currently connected devices and select the playing option. 
  5. Then you can look for the share option and turn it on to detect compatible headphones to share your music. 
  6. Turn on the shared audio 
  7. Now you can adjust the volume to listen to your favorites. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about connecting two Bluetooth headphones to one phone

What is Bluetooth Dual Pairing?

It means connecting two different Bluetooth speakers at the same time and playing whatever you want to listen to with your partners. 

Can You Connect Two Bluetooth Headphones at the Same Time?

Yes, it is possible t connect multiple devices at the same time. But you can only listen to what the device is playing. Some devices build up so smartly food better specification. 

Does iPhone Have Dual Audio?

iPhone has updated its iOS 13.2 to add a new feature that shares audio and it allows to connect 2 phones to a Bluetooth headset. So iPhone users can also enjoy it easily. 

How Do You Connect Two Earbuds Together?

Open the lid and pair your earbuds with the device. Then after pairing it and if they don’t pair automatically. Then put them back in the case then repeat the process of removing them but simultaneously.

Why Won’t My Wireless Earbuds Pair Together?

If your earbuds are not pairing then unpair them and then pair them again. If still it doesn’t work then check for the manual setting.


Are you already enjoying music with the feature of Bluetooth connect to multiple devices simultaneously? For sure we have tried our best to describe it. Generally, it was not in the specification of the phones.

But now technology has made things easier for the public. No matter what if you have an android device or an iPhone you can easily follow the mentioned above steps to pair your Bluetooth. 

Now no more hassle about how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to one phone. We hope that find it productive and useful.

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